Environment protection

Major part of the human activities, both industrial and agricultural, needs a certain amount of water. After being used, if not treated, the water is polluted and contains substances like detergents, grease, chemical products and organic substances. It is evacuated in basins, water courses or just discharged in the ground or under it.
Thinking of the constant and growing lack of water resources,  the increasingly need for water in both domestic and industrial sectors along with the development of new farms, give rise to great quantities of polluted water, a problem that cannot be solved with the  self-purifying power of the receiving water medium.  

It's therefore essential to subject those polluted water to the appropriate depuration treatment considering their final destination or eventual reuse. 

CID Ltd contributes both to the preservation of the environment and the respect of the current regulations, by identifying for each typology of wastewater or receiving water medium, the adequate type of treatment. Thanks to the experience acquired in the plant management, it has specialized in the sector of biological depuration which is the best wastewater treatment system, thanks to the elevate efficiency of depuration and the lower or null usage of chemical products.