Our main strenght

Design office located within the company: "we do not believe in outsourcing, but in internalization of knowledge and all the technical skills".

Analysis Laboratory within the company: “we have an internal chemical analytical lab in order to get immediate analytical results and for all inhouse chemical testing.”

Flexibility and speed: “we are capable of developing any type of wastewater treatment plants rapidly, using the most innovative solutions available on the market today.”

Support “we can provide A to Z plant maintenance and offer an alternative solution in terms of upgrading the already existing plants.”

Innovation: “we are neither series manufacturers nor committed to one specific technology. For this reason, we can focus on providing the optimum solution for every client’s need. Everyone can apply one technology, we offer a wide variety of solutions to wastewater treatment.”

The numbers: “we possess 400 mq of offices, 900 mq of warehouse/workshop, 90 mq of chemical analytical lab, 20 people for external activities, 12 fully equipped mobile workshop vehicles and a mobile sludge dewatering unit.”

Global coverage: “CID is a fast growing company, expanding into foreign markets mainly through offices established abroad.”

Experience: “we started out as water treatment plant and system operators, and having gained direct experience in dealing with all types of wastewater treatment, we understand real custumer needs and can therefore offer tailor made solutions to our customers.”