Purity as a mission

Since 1979, specialists in water purification in civil, industrial and public

Our mission

His solution is his every need

We rapidly develop any type of plant with the most innovative technologies on the market

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Water analysis in real time

An internal chemical laboratory for immediate feedback and experimentation

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Products and services

CID Ltd designs and manufactures wastewater treatment plants

We are therefore capable of providing a complete wastewater treatment service for all types of plants and technologies assuring our customers of the most dependable and environmentally friendly solutions and offering the most advanced technologies available today.

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  • Industrial sector

    Municipal plants,
    Domestic systems and similar,
    Hotel / Catering,
    Barracks, hotels and restaurants,
    Hospitals, Shopping Centers,
    Rest homes

  • Settore civile

    Chemical-pharmaceutical agro-food industry,
    Wine cellars - distillers,
    Slaughterhouses and meat processing, Textile Industry Laundries, Dry Cleaners, Crushers, Oleari Dairies