MBBR systems

The MBBR systems (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) are Biological systems which usually implement attached biomass that carries out the biological treatment of waste water.

This is obtained by having the biomass grow on the surface of specially engineered plastic media (biomedia or biocarriers) which move freely in the liquid volume. Excess biomass falls off and the biodegraded water flows into the final clarifier, where the suspended solids settle and are then directed to thickening (dewatering).

The mbbr technology offers the following advantages over the conventional treatment systems:


Higher treatment capacity, with reduction of required tanks volume (up to 30%)

Ease of operation & maintenance (no need for settings of biological processes)

No need for sludge recirculation

No effect of incoming flow excess (eg rainfall) on the loss of active biomass by effluent discharge

Retrofit capability in already existing plants and in prefab/ mobile WWTP