MBR plants

The MBR systems (Membrane Bio Reactor) are conventional activated sludge systems in which final clarification (biomass separation from the mixed liquor/water) by sedimentation is replaced by porous membrane filtration.

The membrane/ filter modules have a filtration with a pore size of the hundredths of a micron, and utilize the cleaning of the membrane through/via aeration, which is needed to prevent membrane clogging, thus, guaranteeing an extended service life for the complete filtration system.

The MBR systems offer high-rate treatment performance as they may operate with the high biomass concentration in the mixed liquor, and effluent quality guaranteed.

The major advantages over conventional treatment solutions include:


Treatment capacity 2-3 times higher due to high biomass concentrations (up to 3-4 times higher)  

High effluent quality guaranteed, and not affected by low settleability of biomassì

Lower sludge production (up to 30-40%)

Treated water clear and free of bacteria (no need for disinfection)

Retrofit capability in already existing plants upgrading and in prefab/ mobile WWTP

Possibility of recovery / reuse / potabilization of treated water