Water purification plant membranes

We supply and install the membrane-based plant technology for purification and sanitization of water destined to be reused in civil and industrial environments or for human consumption.

The system is based on the filtration through micro porous hollow fibre membranes, skid-mounted and fully automated. In comparison with the conventional systems, which include multi-step processes like coagulation, flocculation and sedimentation, as well as the disinfectant dosage to remove  microbial load, such membranes allow the purification and  bacteria-free water in one single step, without the use of any chemical product.

Therefore, considering the reduced energy usage (0.3/0.5 KW/m3), maintenance (membranes last for many years), and exercise costs (no need of reagents), an excellent purifying and above all, certain result is guaranteed (turb. <0.1 NTU, bacteria removal > 4 Log).

As the system is modular, by installing additional modules it can be suitable for all required performances.